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Art Gallery: “Blanc et Noir”

Under the motto “Blanc et Noir” [French for “white and black”], find inspiration for baked products which are not only visually appealing, but which, due to their special shapes, also influence the taste. Photographs in black and white artistically accentuate the fascinating details of the morning goods.


In bakeries throughout the world, the most varied morning goods exist. These often have a regional or historical reference and, as a result of their elaborate production and the artful processing, are regarded as being the sign of a good bakery. An oven completely full with perfectly executed morning goods brings a huge smile to the face of the baker and fills him with particular pride. For baking is a matter close to the heart!

By playing with light and shadows, the details of the baked products are highlighted particularly. In this way, for example, the crust crack of a Schrippe or a Brazilian Pão Francês are shown wonderfully by means of the black-and-white photography. But also details, such as the typically large hollow in the crumb of the Italian speciality Rosetta Soffiata or the lovely crust texture of a Rosenbrötchen, are paid especial attention.

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Mohnzöpfchen using EXCEL MN CONCENTRATE


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