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Art Gallery: Brot – Kunst – Raum /
Bread – Art – Space

Decorative bread has always been seen as the embodiment of artisan skills and creativity. This special tradition is now being combined by IREKS with modern forms and techniques which allow the decorative bread to shine in new splendour. The basis of the baked products comes from diverse, high-quality IREKS products which are ideally suited for the manufacture of these loaves.

Not only are the uniqueness and the aesthetics of the loaves emphasized here, they are also staged as works of art at an exhibition. Playing with spatiality – both in a figurative and in a real sense – provides the motifs with additional suspense.

As it should be, our works of art also have a particular title which underlines the corresponding motif. As a result, a loaf of blossoms in a sea of flowers with the name "VERLIEBT", or a bull's head made of bread dough in the surroundings of a barn and titled "VERBLÜFFT", can be gazed at in wonder.

We would like to wish you a great deal of fun when realizing this special art of bread.