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Bakery Training in Kulmbach, Germany

Two of our technical employees, Julien Catala (Technical Sales Manager Eastern Canada) and Jan Dokter (Technical Advisor), went to Kulmbach for a two-week bakery training in July.

They learned much about new techniques, new products and they were able to see how things are done in our headquarters in Kulmbach. During these two weeks, they shared recipes, trends and ideas from other countries, such as Portugal, Thailand, Mexico, France, Czech Republic and Germany.

The team of Master Bakers based in Kulmbach presented lectures about advantages of using malts, sourdoughs, improvers and bread mixes. These products are our core business at IREKS and available through IREKS NORTH AMERICA.

They are returning back to Canada with new and specialist knowledge to help the Canadian bakers.

If you are now interested in getting more information, please do not hesitate to contact Jan or Julien.