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Online seminar: IREKS eCampus [LIVE]
"Be different – bread full of character"

What do you actually need to bake good bread full of character?


Our international expert Markus Hombach will answer this question and tell you how to give your bread that certain something. Because this is becoming increasingly important, especially in these times when consumer behaviour is changing and expectations regarding bread quality are rising.

In our online seminar, you will learn about changes in the manufacture of bread in recent years and how you can use wheat sponges and different malts for more individuality. Often it is only a few special ingredients or specific production methods that give bread that certain something.

Get new inspirations and innovative ideas  – for bread full of character that will delight your customers!



  • Changing consumer behaviour & expectations regarding bread quality
  • What has changed in recent years in the production of bread?
  • How can you give bread that certain something?
  • Use of wheat sponges and malts in bread manufacture
  • Inspiration and ideas for bread full of character

Experience live...

Markus Hombach
IREKS Baking Centre

Director of Baking Technology International with over 20 years of experience in the international baked goods market

Jan Ronniger
IREKS Baking Centre

Assistant to the Director of Baking Technology International


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Date:   15 October 2020

Time:  09:00 am (EDT)

Duration:    30 minutes (+ round of questions afterwards)

Language: English

Participation fee: free of charge




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Frank Weiskopf