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“DAS EVENT” turns into “DAS SUCCESS”…

On October 27th IREKS NORTH AMERICA Ltd. hosted their grand official opening event at Pearson Convention Centre.

"DAS EVENT" was comprised of two segments - a seminar and company introduction as well as a gala dinner with entertainment.

Maurice van Tongeren, President of IREKS NORTH AMERICA Ltd. opened the afternoon by presenting a fast forward through the decades of IREKS GmbH's history - from the day the company was founded until today. Underlined was the introduction by video clips and picture slides showing the impressive evolvement of the company from its first days of basic operation to the current state-of-the-art, highly automated facility manufacturing and supplying bakery ingredients globally.

Following the company introduction was a fun presentation outlining 5 global food trends and how they impact consumers and manufacturers. "Convenience", "Indulgence", "Wellness", "Back to the Roots" and "Free From" were the topics presented, underlined by fun facts, as well as hard research evidence.

Jurri van den Broek, IREKS' technical advisor who had been baking up a plethora of wonderful baked goods as well as Rob MacGregor, Territory Sales Representative at IREKS NORTH AMERICA Ltd. indulged the audience with product information and tantalizing bread samples throughout the presentation which concluded with a fun video clip featuring Silvester Stallone as a bread delivery driver.

After a short coffee break guests returned to the second part of the seminar which was a short introduction of Dreidoppel, an IREKS sister company also based in Germany, who presented their line of high end flavouring pastes by sampling delectable treats to all attendees. This line of flavouring pastes is now also available through IREKS NORTH AMERICA Ltd.

One of the feature trends and IREKS Signature products which grabbed everyone's attention during the cocktail reception was the presentation of IREKS' AROMA & TASTE; a line of IREKS bakery malts and sourdoughs which naturally add aroma, freshness and taste to any bakery item.

A 3- course dinner which followed the cocktail reception provided for an evening where guests were able to relax and enjoy various entertainment segments that added to the fun and party like atmosphere.
We want to send a shout out to all of our guests who made "DAS EVENT" a great success and we want to thank each and everyone for making us feel so welcomed to the Canadian Bakery Industry.