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Gluten-free event in September 2018

On September 18th 2018, Tomasz Hoekstra, IREKS technical sales of the Western region, has had the pleasure of having Jurri van den Broek over in Vancouver to support with a Gluten Free event at Snow Cap Enterprises, the distributor for BC. Jurri is Master Baker and technical advisor in Brampton.

The event started at noon and the 3 hours were structured as follows:

  • Welcome and introduction of Jurri and Tomasz
  • Introduction to IREKS and Gluten-Free range
  • What is gluten free and what are the options for a non-GF bakery
  • How to market Gluten-free products, questions from attendees
  • Coffee Break (with GF cookies, ciabatta, muffins)
  • Hands on demo by Jurri, how to mix and handle GF bread
  • Walkthrough of products and tasting
  • Cut and bake breads
  • Out of the oven evaluation with Q&A
  • Handouts and info exchange for follow up together with the Snow Cap representatives

Products that were presented:

  • Christmas Stollen using IREKS BREAD MIX GF K
  • 'Naked' cake with strawberries using the IREKS SPONGE MIX GF K
  • Variety of GF multiseed breads using IREKS MULTISEED GF K
  • Bagels using IREKS SOFT BUN MIX GF K
  • Brownies and Christmas brownies using IREKS BROWNIE MIX GF K
  • Variety of muffins combining IREKS MUFFIN MIX GF with Dreidoppel flavors
  • Sacher Torte using IREKS BROWNIE MIX GF

We thank everyone who attended the show as well as the supplier for giving us the opportunity to come. It was a great day and if you have any questions regarding IREKS products or Dreidoppel products, please don't hesitate to contact Tomasz or Jurri!