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IREKS eCampus [DAYS]: New products & concepts

You can taste competence, too! That's why we not only want to share our expert knowledge on topics such as malt, oats and quark dough with you in our webinars as part of the IREKS eCampus [DAYS], but also present four new products and concepts with which you can inspire your customers.




Artisan baked goods with an expressive baked goods character are more in demand than ever. Our new aromatic malt cuvée – a composition of high-quality malts from our in-house IREKS malthouse, refined with honey, among other things – creates a unique sweet-malty aroma and amber-coloured baked goods. The flexible area of application and the combination with various precursors leave a lot of leeway for individual baked goods ideas for bread, morning goods and confectionery baked goods.


No matter what time of year, with their numerous variation options, quark baked goods provide for varied taste experiences. IREKS SOFT DÉLICE offers a versatile use and – thanks to its high processing reliability – is optimally suited for the realisation of various recipe ideas: from easily and efficiently producible baked goods through to fancy delicacies. This adds a breath of fresh air to the classic without losing the proven product character.





Les Petits de Madlin

Éclairs and Madeleines – two pieces of baked goods that don’t have much in common except for their French names. And that was precisely the challenge for our IREKS master confectioner Madlin, who also became the campaign’s namesake. She had the idea to create a new connection between the two different types of baked goods. A name was quickly found for these artful little cakes – “Les Petits de Madlin”.


Oats are a raw material with a long tradition enjoying great popularity again today. No matter whether in form of porridge, oat drink or muesli bar, oats are a real trend ingredient and hence a must-have in a baker’s product range! In addition to young, trend-conscious consumers, IREKS OAT BREAD appeals to the whole family. Carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, rounded off with oat sourdough and oat malt from our own production, give oat baked goods their unique taste.


You can find out more about our new products and their diverse applications in the matching webinars as part of the IREKS eCampus [DAYS]. Click here to register!