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Jan Dokter:
Technical Advisor Canada

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Jan Dokter was inspired by the bakery shop around the corner when he was a little boy. Every morning the smell of fresh baked bread and tasting all the fresh baked goodies, got him convinced to go to the culinary trade school in Wageningen and become a master baker.

By working in different kinds of industrial and smaller bakeries, he wanted to do more. So he followed a course to become a coach / teacher for students who decided to become a baker as well. In 2012, he decided to go alone to Canada on a leap of faith. With two suitcases only and a Ocean between his friends and family, he started as head baker in British Columbia. After working as such in a European bakery Café, working as a supervisor and bakery manager in two supermarkets, he decided to make a big change in his life again:

Moving from the West Coast to the Greater Toronto Area where he now works with IREKS NORTH AMERICA Ltd.

If Jan is not at work, he is now spending his time with his family and discovers the beautiful things that Canada has to offer: Hiking on the trails and relaxing at the rivers, lakes and beautiful parks.

Here are Jan's contact details:

Jan Dokter
Mobile: +16474730146

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