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In-house malt production

Malt is a natural product and has been in use for hundreds of years – first in breweries, but later also in bakeries as a baking ingredient. Over 160 years of experience and know-how makes IREKS an expert when it comes to malt, which is of vital significance! Because only those who understand the processes of malting and know the characteristics of their malt products can use them in a targeted manner.

The special feature at IREKS: As a baking ingredients manufacturer with its own malt production, we have an influence on the entire value added chain, starting with the selection of the seeds together with our contract farmers and ending with an individual consultation on taste for our customers. On this basis, we can offer a variety of different malts and thus – as a partner for aroma and taste – meet your very customised needs.

Possible forms of presentation range from flour via paste through to liquid; light and dark malt variations based on different types of grain such as barley, wheat or spelt form the foundation of our product diversity. In addition, specific aroma characteristics such as caramel or toasted provide countless application options for an unmistakable taste. It is for a reason that we are one of the largest producers of speciality malts in the world!

And we keep developing: state-of-the-art malthouses and a wide variety of production processes constantly ensure new malts and the best quality. As essential components, many of these malt products become part of our baking ingredients.

Get to know the variety of IREKS malts and convince your customers with aromatic baked products creations full of taste!