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Spelt – everything from one source

Transparency and safety are becoming increasingly important for consumers. They often want to know exactly where their food comes from and what it is made of. That is why we are involved right from the start which enables us to adjust every step of the process to our high quality standards.

But what exactly does that mean? Together with our contract farmers, we define the spelt cultivation from the selection of the seeds to the determination of the proper harvest time. After that, the grain is freed from the spelts in our own spelt husking plant and subsequently milled in our spelt mill. The finished milled products finally contribute to many of our products as high-quality ingredients.

In recent years, spelt has become a popular alternative to wheat. Processing this grain is not always easy, however, because the baking properties of spelt flours strongly depend on the variety and the cultivation area. So to ensure a consistent baked goods quality, you have to know exactly what to do.

With regard to these challenges, IREKS lends their support with practical solutions. Our know-how extends from the selection of the spelt variety to the analysis of the grain and the perfect composition of the ingredients. And our ultra-trace analysis laboratory, which is unique in the industry, helps us to take a particularly close look at spelt. The bottom line being: thorough quality assessment from the grain to the finished product.