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Buckwheat – focus on pseudocereal

In addition to the usual basic types of grain, we at IREKS have discovered other field treasures for ourselves and above all for our customers quite some time ago. A good example of this is buckwheat, which – almost forgotten – has found its way back into a wide variety of baked products as a trend ingredient.

The triangular seed has a long tradition, having been cultivated and consumed as a crop plant in Asia for over 4000 years. Contrary to its name, buckwheat is not a cereal, but a knotweed plant that is typically cultivated in heathland. Buckwheat thus belongs to the genus of pseudocereals. Thanks to its unmistakable nutty taste, it has become an interesting alternative to conventional types of grain in many countries. No matter whether in pancakes, cakes, pasta or baked products – it is used and appreciated in kitchens and bakeries all around the globe.

And because it is so popular and multifaceted, we make the best of buckwheat for you: In addition to using it as extruded buckwheat flour, we refine it into buckwheat malt and buckwheat sourdough, which in turn become part of many IREKS products as components with a strong character. 

The very individual, mild, nutty taste of buckwheat provides you with the opportunity to frequently offer your customers something special!