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Green spelt – trend competence at IREKS

Not only spelt has been a real long seller for several years. Its “younger brother”, the green spelt, has also evolved into an absolute trend cereal in recent years. Born out of necessity –  to avoid a total crop failure during bad weather – the discovery and first use of green spelt actually dates back a very long time. Yet, due to high yields from wheat cultivation, it had been almost completely lost sight of in the meantime. In connection with various nutritional trends, however, it has been back in the fore for some time now!

Green spelt is ultimately spelt that is harvested early. As it leaves the field two to three weeks sooner, it is still green at this stage – but later in the process it loses its colour, which is why our green spelt products end up with an appealing golden-brown crumb.

Green spelt is a special grain in many respects. Due to the early harvesting time and the consequently not yet fully developed ingredients such as starch or gluten proteins, it is not so easy to process and pure green spelt flour lacks baking capability. But at IREKS we know exactly how to handle it! The basis for this are our many years of experience with spelt and the use of our own kiln-drying installations. Traditional drying over a beech wood fire gives the green spelt its nutty, slightly smoky flavour.

However, we do not only use pure green spelt, but also refine it. Try, for example, our aromatic wholemeal green spelt sourdough – a real speciality that is second to none!