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Our sourdough variety

Even the ancient Egyptians knew: when baking bread, the use of sourdough has a positive influence on dough aeration. At IREKS, we also started working with sourdoughs at an early stage, and to this day, we still rely on the creation and production of our own sourdoughs. A good decision! Because on the basis of this 100-year experience, we can offer our customers a wide range of high-quality sourdough products.

Sourdoughs ensure a high baked products quality and an unprecedented taste. At IREKS, the manufacture is carried out traditionally via the three-stage method. The use of controlled cultures from our own company and strict production monitoring prevent undesirable foreign fermentations or mis-fermentations.

But we don't just offer safety! Product diversity is also a central requirement for us when it comes to sourdoughs. In addition to proven varieties such as rye, wheat and spelt sourdoughs, we have durum, buckwheat and green spelt sourdoughs in our constantly growing portfolio. Time and again, this will present you with the opportunity to try something new.

Make use of our diversity of different flavours to create unique baked products with recognition value!