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In about 20 steps to malt extract

The production of our own malt extracts is the crown of our malt competence! Already during the creation of our malts, we have everything in our own hands, from the selection of the seeds to the finished malted grain. With the processing into malt extract, we add a further stage in refinement. No other baking ingredients manufacturer integrates this process chain as comprehensively as does IREKS.

As unique aroma products, malt extracts require specially selected malted grain. In a multi-stage refinement process, we manufacture light and dark malt extracts in our state-of-the-art brewhouse by mashing, lautering and evaporating under constant control of all relevant parameters. These ultimately become part of our products or are used directly by our customers in a wide variety of baked products.

As with all of our processes, the highest quality and safety are our top priority when it comes to malt extract. Thus, we complete about 20 steps on the way to the finished product, which include constant checks and four comprehensive quality tests. Latest technology not only helps us to leave absolutely nothing to chance, but also to produce in an energy-saving and sustainable manner.

By the way, in baked products, malt extract primarily provides a unique character of aroma and taste. As desired, caramel, spicy or even toasted and honey hints can be created, for example, which unfold during baking and are particularly noticeable in the crust.