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Tomasz Hoekstra:
Technical Sales Manager Western Canada

Grown up in a passionate bakers family, Tomasz was raised in the world of breads, confectionary and chocolate, and was always found in the bakery from a young age. After an interest in culinary arts, he moved to his real passion: baking.

Following his father's footsteps, Tomasz became a Master Baker in the Netherlands with multiple specializations and started working at the best bakeries in the country, from industrial to artisans. The move to Canada started 5 years ago as a baking adventure abroad, but Tomasz soon fell in love with the country and the amazing multicultural environment.

With the extensive experience in product development and application and sales, Tomasz joined IREKS NORTH AMERICA Ltd. as Technical Sales Manager for Western Canada. Helping our customers and making the best products possible is his passion!

In his free time, Tomasz likes to play pool billiard tournaments all over North America and explore Canada through travel with his wife.

Here are Tomasz's contact details:

Tomasz Hoekstra
Mobile: 604 240 6712


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