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Over the past years, many consumers have become considerably more interested in foodstuffs as the result of various food scandals and changed eating habits and nutrition forms.

In this connection, these consumers would like to have foodstuffs which are as close to nature and as traditional as possible. Modern raw materials or additives are frequently rejected and ingredients which have been known for decades from home cooking favoured – “Cupboard Ingredients” is the byword here. Based on these consumer requests, the trend towards easily understandable, short lists of ingredients has developed in regard to processed foodstuffs. This trend is often described using the term “Clean Label”.

The term “Clean Label” has not been regulated by law, however. Every consumer and every company has their own definition of “Clean Label” and decides which ingredients are accepted according to this definition and which are not. This makes it difficult to conceptualize the term, of course.

Our “NO Button” guarantees that you will always get the quality, the service and a clear definition you expect from IREKS. Products with the “NO Button” contain NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial colours and NO artificial flavours.           

Should you or one of your customers have a different view or different declaration for your specific needs, then please contact us. We will be glad to discuss all “Clean Label” or “NO Button” options with you.