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Quality and food safety policy of the IREKS Group

The quality and food safety policy of IREKS covers all areas of the company – from the development of the products to their distribution. Quality means to us that customers have processed our products and are completely satisfied with our goods and service.

The IREKS Group produces quality

The quality policy of our company can be reduced to this simple common denominator. Our customers associate the term quality with our name, our brand-name products, and our advisory service.

Quality is defined by our customers

We define quality as the comprehensive fulfilment of customer requirements. Only by the consistent consideration of our customers' wishes are we able to achieve the quality our customers expect from us.

In this, we are aware of the great responsibility we have towards our customers. The production of safe foods and animal feed and the observance of all the corresponding laws is our top priority.

Satisfied customers are a decisive competitive advantage and ensure the future of the company.

Quality by means of food safety

During the production of foods and animal feed, safety is a fundamental aspect of quality.

That's why we work on the implementation of extensive preventative programs at all levels – from purchasing and development to production and distribution. These programs are based on the principles of the HACCP Concept and include all the legal requirements, but are not restricted to these alone.

In addition to the current further development of our programs on foods and animal feed safety, open communication regarding this topic is also important to us. We are more than happy to interact with our customers on all related questions.

Quality needs every employee

Everyone at IREKS contributes to the quality we stand for. Quality is created everywhere work is done, not only in production or storage but also in administration or distribution, in the office as well as in the field work. Quality can only be improved by continuous and constant further development. All of us, no matter our position, work together to constantly maintain and improve our quality.

Quality at every angle

The content and aim of our quality management system is the planned quality assurance of our products. The integration of all areas into our quality management guarantees the creation of a high quality product. Quality already begins during the development of a product and includes a careful choice of suppliers and high quality raw materials as well as a production using the most modern technology and an effective sales and distribution system.

For us, quality is achieved when the customers have processed our products and are completely satisfied with our goods and service.

Quality worth displaying

We wish to present ourselves to our customers and other interested parties and are willing to discuss things openly. That's why we welcome all customers and embrace every opportunity to show them who we are and what we do.