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Hi-tech production takes care of product reliability and hygiene

IREKS produces quality. This principle of the company philosophy is strictly applied to the production of the baking ingredients. A complete, fully-automatic batch-mixing system guarantees safety standards of the highest level.

In the batch-mixing system of IREKS, the raw materials are not dosed via pipes, but directly into the batch containers. They follow the recipe-controlled production routes and collect ingredient after ingredient automatically. The quantities are regulated by built-in precision scales. The batch containers then drive electronically controlled to the mixing stations and finally empty out the finished product to be filled into bags.

Everything which comes into contact with the products can be broken down into modules and cleaned. This avoids unwanted cross-contamination.

The integrated laboratory accompanies each stage of processing with quality controls. In addition, the whole flow of material is recorded with bar codes. All tasks that influence the quality are signed off by the employee who works at that station with an electronic signature using a personal chip card. Therefore, each batch can be quickly and completely retraced to the origin of its ingredients throughout the whole manufacturing process.

In this way, new technologies pave the way for the future, enable more efficiency in all respects, and even fulfill high environmental demands. They also help us keep our promise to customers: You can rely on us to continuously provide you with a wide range of products with the best possible quality at attractive conditions.