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The history of IREKS and DREIDOPPEL

As a certified SQF Level 3 supplier to the food industry, IREKS NORTH AMERICA produces for and distributes to a wide variety of customers, such as wholesalers, artisan and industrial bakeries and small and large confectioners.

With a long history themselves, dating back many decades, DREIDOPPEL has the same values as IREKS. Just like IREKS, their belief is that only the best is good enough.
This way of thinking leaves no room for compromises.
That is why, from the very beginning, DREIDOPPEL has been committed to meeting the highest requirements: the best raw materials and controlled production processes (certified according to the FCCS 22000 and the ISO regulations).

This led to DREIDOPPEL joining the IREKS family in 2004.
Since then, exciting new flavours and ingredients for the baking industry have been available through numerous partners within the IREKS network worldwide.

We are pleased to offer you, as of today, a range of DREIDOPPEL products in Canada as well.

If you want to know more about our DREIDOPPEL product range, please click here.

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