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Our philosophy

The philosophy of the IREKS Group is supported by three pillars, which also represent the basis of our daily work: Continuity of thought and actions, competence in all areas, and working together in partnership.


Vision has led IREKS through more than one and a half centuries of eventful history. Thanks to forward-looking investments in innovative technology and the development of new markets, IREKS finds itself in its current position.

The interaction of tradition and progress leaves its mark on our company and, as a result, on our employees. Everyone endeavours to make good things even better and to create enjoyment and variety in repeatedly new facets.

Whoever keeps a long-term perspective in mind must be aware of his responsibility towards nature though. Only by recognizing the earth as a valuable partner will future generations be able to live in harmony with it.


Competence and continuous further development drives the IREKS family all around the globe.

Competence shows itself, for example, in the careful selection of all our raw materials. This already begins during the contracted cultivation of the grain and continues in the development of attractive product concepts and recipes. These are relevant for the market and use creative marketing ideas. Furthermore, we use the most modern technology in our production and in our laboratories. We also show competence with our service: Our customers are looked after exclusively by highly-qualified experts within their fields.

In this way, everything intermingles in an optimum way and we can offer our customers the services they expect from us. For: 100 % IREKS means 100 % quality. And 100 % safety for the consumer. We regard it as our entrepreneurial responsibility to do business in this way.


All our ideas and recipes wouldn't be worth anything if you did not exist – our partners. Under the motto “Together we are strong”, we take care of our partnerships inside and outside our company, which have lasted for many years, even decades.

Thus, we deal with the challenges together and pass on knowledge and experience from generation to generation. This is achieved by every individual in the company making an important contribution to the overall success. This commitment makes sure that the IREKS Group will also remain a special company family in the future.