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Thinking globally, working locally

Every country and every bakery has its own quite individual character. The preferences of the consumers, product ranges, working processes, and market strategies are different. For this reason, we offer individual solutions to bakeries in more than 90 countries – depending on requirements, inspired in a more regional or more international way.

Looking beyond one’s own horizon and moving within an international framework was important for the founder of the company more than 160 years ago. Following this tradition, the IREKS Group has continued to develop and does business worldwide nowadays.

While being well-informed about national and regional specialties, we turn our attention to international trends as well. This knowledge is incorporated into individual products and recipe ideas, which are locally presented to the bakeries by our highly-competent field staff from 30 nations.

In this way, everyone benefits from the global exchange of ideas which we intentionally foster and promote.

IREKS subsidiaries and trading partners, who support you in your daily work, can be found in many countries around the globe.

In 2004, the international competence of the company group was strengthened further by the integration of Dreidoppel – the leading manufacturer of flavourings, basic ice-cream ingredients, and decorations.