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English> NEWS> The new brewhouse at the site of the company in Kulmbach has started operations

The new brewhouse at the site of the company in Kulmbach has started operations

Our own malt production and further processing is among the core competences of IREKS and represents a unique feature in the baking ingredients industry. To be able to keep abreast of the constantly increasing demand for these aromatic natural products and to equip IREKS for the future, IREKS has invested a sum in the double figure million range in the new construction of a brewhouse which was commissioned in 2019.


That the demand for further processed malt products is rising is not least due to the fact that these traditional natural products have a very positive image as regards consumer perception under the keyword of "Clean Label". To do justice to this development, IREKS has conceived a new building with a height of 35 metres and following the strictest aspects of hygiene.

This building houses the new malt extract production, including the evaporation columns required for this. They are heated with the waste heat from the combined heat and power plant which is also new and which, with more than 90 %, has an efficiency factor twice as high as that of conventional power stations. Thus, CO₂ emissions can be lowered by roughly 1,000 t annually. The new installation with the connected combined heat and power plant therefore works in a way which is very economical on resources. An aspect which, for us as a food manufacturer with a history of over 160 years, is of great importance.

Over and above the production and further processing of our malt extracts, the manufacture of liquid sourdoughs is also situated in the new brewhouse. The automation of the production process also ensures a significant increase in product safety and homogeneity here and, at the same time, provides a greater variety of products and aromas. New fermenters of different sizes have been installed, so that smaller batches can also be produced to meet individual demands of customers from various country markets.

The use of malt and sourdough products offers bakers, in addition to valuable technological characteristics, an almost infinite variety of aromas. Various types of grain as a basis, different forms of presentation and the possibility to combine malt and sourdough products enable our customers to have unimaginable creativity in the production of individual, aromatic baked goods. With a lot of know-how and experience, but also with a joy of innovation, IREKS provides support to its customers in helping to create new taste experiences together.

As a result of the investment in the construction of the new brewhouse building, IREKS can, in future, not only produce in a more efficient way in regard to resources, but is also significantly more flexible. For the automation leads to an increase in the availability of the production section and makes great flexibility in regard to raw materials and recipes possible. On the whole, therefore, an important step in being able to support our customers in the future as well as a strong partner for aroma & taste with innovative and high-quality products.