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LE SOUVERAIN, a mix developed by IREKS FRANCE, has been a popular product for two years now. At IREKS NORTH AMERICA, a new version, which has the French character just like the original, is now available!

With IREKS LE SOUVERAIN, bread can be made using different methods such as direct, overnight or autolysis, all of which provide many benefits regarding appearance, aroma and taste. Autolysis, for example, gives you the advantage to obtain an additional moistness and longer freshkeeping. The use of high-quality raw materials such as red split lentils or roasted spelt malt flour, wheat malt flour and wheat germs leads to an intensive and unique aroma. Interestingly, the red split lentils turn yellow during the baking process but remain visible; together with the coarse and irregular texture, they make an especially distinctive crumb.

Bread made using IREKS LE SOUVERAIN is a striking and interesting alternative to classic bread and is sure to be an eye-catcher. Bon Appétit!

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