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Back to the roots! IREKS expands mill expertise to...

...tie in with tradition

Milling has been part of IREKS for more than 100 years! In 1920, IREKS acquired the traditional Eichenmühle in Kulmbach, Germany, which was first mentioned in a document in 1398. After the acquisition by IREKS, it supplied our company with milling products until 1988. This was followed by therelocation to the IREKS headquarters in Lichtenfelser Straße, where the mill with its castiron housings is still in operation today.

…produce malt specialities

Precisely, it is these original roller mills that are still used to process our malts into various kinds of malt flour today. Depending on whether the whole grain including husk and aleurone layer or only the endosperm is ground, the composition of malt flour is influenced and with it the taste, aroma and baking properties. Since the mill is purely used as a malt mill, enzyme-active malts can be processed. This, once again, increases our variety of raw materials, which become part of a wide range of IREKS productsor are used as baking ingredients in their own right. Each of our malt flours contains the accumulated knowledge of more than 150 years of our own malt manufacture and the accompaniment of our products from the grain onwards.

...provide security from the grain to the finished baked goods

So by integrating EICHENMÜHLE at the Scherneck site into our Company Group, we are going back to our roots, creating the opportunity to produce our own flour. This addition to our value-added chain not only allows us to perfectly adapt the properties of the flours to our various products, but also ensures that we have no admixture of milled wheat products. The single-variety grain we use for this purpose is sourced through our own agricultural trade. After various quality controls and a multi-stage cleaning process, milled spelt and wheat products are made from it. Since we use separate plants for milling the two types of grain, any unintentional mixing is ruled out. The result: pure, high-quality flour that exactly matches the baking ingredients it is incorporated in, forming the best basis for great baked goods. Because the quality of food begins with its individual ingredients.